Study Clubs

KW Perio Study Club

The KW Perio Study Club was founded in 2014 and presents many lectures throughout the year.  Occassionaly we have multi-day courses that we list here.


Nobel Biocare Implant Course

KW Hygiene Study Club

The KW Hygiene Study Club was founded in 2012 and presents biannually in the Spring and Fall.  We usually have 2-3 lecturers which try to cover a few core topics and a few interesting topics.  We send out flyers around a month before each lecture. Below find the most recent flyers.  If you are interested in signing up for the next presentation please call our office.


2017 Fall Session

2017 Winter Session

2016 Fall Session

2016 Winter Session

2015 Fall Session

2015 Spring Session

2014 Fall Session

2014 Spring Session

2013 Fall Session

2013 Spring Session

2012 Session